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As an organization focused on both the business and creative side of photography, it was important for to have an environment that would allow both business and creative tendencies to flourish. As part of that, we’ve established an studio presence in downtown San Jose that offers an environment to create images that would be impossible to create in the traditional studio environment.

Located on the 13th floor of an historic Bank of America building, the attic studio maintains the rustic charm that one would expect in an attic while offering all the modern conveniences needed to capture quality images and video. From professional and natural lighting to top-of-the-line camera equipment, the attic studio offers all the modern conveniences with street-sense charm. Over 2000 square feet of space, including a fully appointed dressing room, this space is a model’s delight. And as with everything we do, the goal of maintaining this space will always be to continue the tradition of providing quality work with creative value.

See below for some pictures of the space; to help you imagine what you might be able to do for your project. As you look at the commercial/rustic design of this attic space, keep in mind that some natural light from windows and skylights is supplemented by storbes and LEDs that are combined with backdrops and drapes to create traditional studio images as well as green-screen video on our HD equipment.