When someone says to me that they have a great friend they want photographed, I’m always game, but it always works better when the person getting photographed is a model. By trade, Dae is not a model, but you’d never know it from the photos, attitude and fun that she brought to the studio. Hopefully I’ve captured some of that here to share with you, because for me it was a beautiful day to be sure.


The girl next door is an understatement for Jane and with enthusiasm she undertook trying to salute the flag, the military and the general beauty of ‘Merica. Enjoy the photos and look for more from Jane throughout the site.

Working Kayla

Working with any new model is tough, but sometimes things just click and you end up producing results that you didn’t expect. That was how working with Kayla turned out and hopefully everyone will agree that the results are stunning.

Kayla is a San Francisco model that was looking for something a little different – we agreed that it should be sexy but not slutty. As it turned out, it was super-cold on the evening as our shoot so we didn’t get nearly as much as we had expected, but seeing Kayla under the covers produced some marvelous results and it was loads of fun. Really looking forward to shooting with Kayla again in the future.

If nothing else, each shoot is unique. Shooting recently with Johannie was very unique for two distinct reasons – attitude and artistic license. Johannie came with a body full of tattoos, as well as a raw beauty that came across over and over again. She also brought along a willingness to explore all sides of herself with no self-consciousness or ego. It was a wonderful shoot and the results speak for themselves.

However, while shooting “my art of her art” I found myself wondering how much credit really goes to the tattoo artist? Honestly, one you shoot someone with less obvious ink it’s easy to decide – the model is beautiful and our job is to capture that beauty in as natural and believable fashion as possible. When someone comes in holding their beautiful canvas covered with an artistic vision from someone else who is really the artist here?

I have my thoughts… and if you have ink of your own and want to see how we can create art from your art, drop us a line.